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Greetings & Welcome!

It took me far too long to begin learning many of the things helpful to thriving in life . . . most of which are intangible. Becoming a mom resulted in a deep desire to pass along my (often arduous and at times embarrassing) experiences in hopes for an even slightly smoother path for my two girls. I post these experiences and accompanying advice here with the aspiration that others may find a useful or uplifting idea or two.

As my experience spans the athletic, corporate, motherhood, and fitness realms, I have nuggets to share across several areas. You’ll find topics such as being intentional, how big business may undermine our personal goals, and keeping yourself safe under the Thriving in Life category. The Health & Fitness category will contain more in-depth information on nutrition, controlling our environment, and maximizing our exercise efforts. Finally, motherhood is a beast. I unfortunately had a pretty rough go of early motherhood and hope to share some thoughts that might help my girls and others avoid the pitfalls I fell into including massive marital strain, discipline, and the phases of motherhood.

Thank you for spending time with me. May you always thrive in life’s long game!

P.S. A portion of all donations made to support this site will go directly to organizations working to help children in need, including Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and Child Help. Thank you for making this world a better place.

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