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Greetings & Welcome!

If you believe learning should be a lifelong journey, and not something that was left at the graduation ceremony, then I hope you’ll find this to be a great resource to accompany you along the ride. If you’re like me, you want to be strong across all areas of your life . . . not just in your relationships . . not just at work . . . not just in your health, but in all these areas.  Therefore, as the name implies, I will use this platform to share insights across these areas and take care to omit any corporate speak or technical jargon.

On the wisdom front, I have had the privilege of working in a Fortune 50 company, ranked in the top 15 of America’s Most Admired Companies. The company truly invests in its employees, and during my time there, I had access to phenomenal mentors and training on topics including leadership, influence, negotiation, coaching, sustaining personal success, energy management, leveraging your strengths, the habits of highly effective people, work/life balance and many, many others. I believe everyone should have an easy way to engage with & learn about such topics, as they truly have the ability to significantly improve all aspects of your life.

On the wellness front, it’s a reality that many people struggle with their diet & exercise regimen once the challenges of a career and the pace of life sets in. I don’t know about you, but at no point during my school years did I learn the basics of calorie needs, exercise effectiveness, or how what I ate sparked a stream of activity within my body that completely dictated my ongoing energy levels (or lack thereof), cravings, and weight. Yet, to be strong at home and at work, we must be strong on the health-front. My passion for health stems back to my Division I collegiate soccer days, and has led me to earn national certifications in exercise and nutrition. You may have heard the saying, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much.” Because this is so true,  I will compliment business and personal insights with information geared toward de-cluttering the piecemeal, half-told stories of exercise & nutrition we find in the media.

To help you navigate, I’ll begin each post with direction on if the topic is a wisdom (life, business, or other insight) topic, a wellness (primarily exercise or nutrition) topic, or both.

So that’s it. There will be lots of topics, all focused on helping you continue to learn, grow, and ultimately become stronger across all the hats you wear: son, daughter, parent, neighbor, employee, manager, entrepreneur, volunteer, husband, wife, etc.  I hope you find some new information, inspiration, a fresh way to look at something, an ah-ha or two, and maybe even some “she said what??” moments as you engage with me. Welcome, thank you for joining me, and congratulations on investing in your own personal development.


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