About the intangible things

Greetings & Welcome!

It is taking me far too long to begin learning some of the things helpful to thriving in life . . . many of which are intangible. Becoming a mom resulted in a deep desire to pass along my (often arduous and at times embarrassing) experiences in hopes for an even slightly smoother path for my two girls. The articles are written for my girls and shared here with the aspiration that you may find a useful or uplifting idea or two for your family.

I often have to bring myself back down to Earth after dreaming about my kids having a smooth path into adulthood. I’ll just share my advice, they will listen, and have an awesome life. Ha! That first assumes that I know precisely how to live an awesome life. Laughable. It also defies a core law of parent/child relationships . . . kids don’t listen . . . or at least they don’t want you to think they do. I also know that the challenges, roadblocks, and tough days they will face hold much power to ultimately lead them to that awesome life. Still, it is my hope that sharing this advice will plant seeds, which will sprout in our kids lives at just the right time, helping them grow according to God’s unique plan. Additionally, I hope that reading these lessons will help us as parents clarify the values and lessons we want to instill in our kids . . . the ones that are most important, yet never formally taught.

As my experience spans the athletic, corporate, motherhood, and fitness realms, I have nuggets to share across several areas. “Throughout life,” contains advice applicable across the board including working with others, fitting in, big business, pride, achievement, delayed gratification and so much more. As a trainer once very accurately said, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much.” Living healthfully is becoming more and more difficult, yet remains central to thriving. So, the fitness bucket will include detailed information on exercise, nutrition, and the environment we live in which can hinder our efforts. I cannot put words around how inadequately prepared I was to have children. And so the marriage and momming bucket contains advice to hopefully help my girls, and new moms everywhere, have a better go at it than I did.

Thank you for investing time here. I truly hope you find value in the ideas shared, and perhaps some laughs as well!


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